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  • Forex Market: Includes major global currencies such as the US dollar, Euro, Japan Yen, Pound Sterling, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, New Zealand dollar, Swiss Franc and so on;
  • Commodity Market: Includes Gold, Silver, Crude oil, Palladium, Platinum, Copper, Nickel, and natural gas;
  • Index Market: Includes trading of international stock market indices such as the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, etc;
  • Stock Market: Includes all blue-chip stocks and high-tech companies such as Amazon, Apple, and Tesla in the states;
  • Cryptocurrency Market: Includes popular products such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, etc;

MTFE provides all free of charge real-time quotation on global assets, professional trading strategies of third party institutions, financial market analysis, 24-hour customer support to let investor trade worry-free.

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MTFE - 5-star reviewed in App Store that has a simple, intuitive interface and excellent trading tools. It is a professional investment app integrating account opening, trading, strategy analysis, information hub, and investment education. Our official website also has asset price trends, news hotspot analysis, video teaching, and web trade, allowing investors to view investment quotations, analyze strategies, and place orders more intuitively.

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  • Millions of virtual fund to practice trading skills
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Various knowledge systems such as financial data analysis, trading indicators, risk management, etc.

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